Manufacturer of the healthiest vegetable oils by cold pressing method

Dordaneh Oil

Dardaneh Mashreq Company has been established with the aim of producing natural and virgin oils. In this collection, we extract the natural and nutritious oil only by pressing the oil grain, and without manipulating and changing it, we package the oil in pure form and supply it to the consumer. Edible edible oils are extracted from the seeds of plants by cold pressing method, which is the most natural and healthy method for extracting oils.

Edible oils

روغن هسته انگور دردانه
Prepared by cold pressing method
روغن کنجد
Cosmetic uses
friend of your skin and hair

Our cold pressed Edible Oils

Corn germ oil

Commander of the Cancer War Division.

Contains the highest amount of vitamin E and tocopherols (antioxidants and anti-cancer) and the highest amount of phytosterols (anti-cancer, antioxidants and heart health) and is suitable for high heat

Loyal to your cooking / rich in rejuvenating vitamins Contains high oleic acid (heart health and heat tolerance), the highest amount of vitamin E and contains vitamin K

Grapeseed Oil

Youth friendly

Has the property of relieving fatigue and injuries and delaying the aging process at the molecular level. Low saturated fatty acids (cardiovascular health), not suitable for heat. Very high antioxidant.

Safflower oil (olein type)

A special oil, health buddy

Low saturated fatty acids (cardiovascular health), high oleic acid (heart health and heat tolerance), contains vitamins K and E

Peanut oil

Versatile oil and everything

With the exception of omega-3s, it has all the nutrients a great oil needs. Suitable for high heating. Excellent flavor and texture to fried food. Contains vitamins and antioxidants and has numerous healing properties. Maintain cardiovascular health.

Canola oil

Takes care of your heart health.

Source of omega-3 (essential for the body, has various functions and essential for heart and brain health) and oleic acid (heart health and prevention of cardiovascular disease)